A Father’s Day Blessing

We are grateful for the many gifts we have been given; the gift of life, the gift of those who love us, and especially, today, we thank you for the gift of our fathers.   We bless these fathers who gave us rules to live by, standards to uphold, joys to cherish, faith to live […]

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Spirit of Compassion

The readings we used this weekend for the feast of Pentecost were recommended by Michael Morwood in his book Prayers For Progressive Christians.  In the third reading speaking of the followers of Jesus, Morwood states, “In him they saw the reality of Spirit, Life, Love, in human form, compassionate, passionate; a man who believed in […]

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Today’s Homily – Be Proud!

Hello,   Our retreat which focused neuroscience and well-being: how spirituality affects health and DNA.  Our spiritual habits affect our physical and emotional health in a variety of ways.  We will explore recent findings in neuroscience showing how these spiritual practices slow aging in our cells, keep our brains healthy and nimble, reduce stress, and bring more health, […]

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Thoughts for Memorial Day 2019

We honor the men and women who gave their lives defending our country in war. We grieve for their loss of life and for the future potential never realized. We grieve for the parents, grandparents, husbands and wives, daughters and sons, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, cousins and friends whose lives were shattered by […]

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Today’s Homily

A theme this Easter Season that seems to surface again and again is that of resiliency.  Whether it is a Path Leader working through obstacles with grit and determination to become the Student Speaker at Sussex County Community College or the prayer for the health of a loved one, resiliency and reliance on faith and […]

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