Today’s Homily: Sacrifice or Meal?

We have spent several weeks breaking open the word of the Gospel in the tradition of John.  I thought that today I would do something a little different and offer a reflection on the Eucharist.  The following thoughts come from a variety of authors, Michael Morwood, Diarmuid O’Murchu, Richard Haight, Miriam Therese Winters, Charles Gusmer, […]

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Sexual Abuse

Sophia Inclusive Community is here for those who seek a place to come and sing and pray without the baggage of the institution that fostered and covered up the sexual abuse of children. We know that people are shocked, saddened, angered and dismayed.   We have gone through all of these emotions and are here to […]

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Thoughts on the Economy

Scripture informs us in Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a person, if he/she shall gain the whole world, and lose his/her own soul? Although the economy seems to be robust, at what price did it come? We have lost our moral compass.   People are liberated to shout out words to other citizens that […]

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