No one had to die for our sins….

I think this is a very interesting article.  It certainly helps to explain where Atonement Theology came from. Elizabeth Johnson does a great job expanding “salvation” to all of creation. Here is her bio and here is the article. Peace, Mike Advertisements

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Two Liturgies Today

Good Morning! We have two opportunities today! 10:00 am The Center 65 Newton Sparta Road, Newton, NJ 07860   4:30 St Mark’s Lutheran Church 100 Harter Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 Hope to see you! Peace, Mike

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Thanksgiving equals Compassion

As we celebrate another Thanksgiving, I reflected on the first responders who so willingly run to danger.  I was amazed at the list of professions considered first responders.  There are nearly 100 professions!  These range from police officers to coroners, from paramedics to civil air patrol.  These men and women represent the best of America.  […]

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Homily 32nd Sunday B

As the week began I looked to Roger Karban for insight into this week’s Gospel.   Once again, Roger came up with a new thought into scripture. Notice that in today’s Gospel Jesus never praises the widow for her tithe.  He states just the facts that “she has put in everything she possessed from the little […]

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Another Bloodbath!

Again, Lives taken so violently.  Survivors recounting the horror! The bloodshed! The smoke! The scrambling for safety!  The guilt! The Sobs! The Terror!  The shear disbelief! How as a civilized society do we allow this to continue?  How do we tolerate the loss of one innocent life?  How do gun storeowners, gun manufacturers and NRA lobbyists and supporters sleep? Is […]

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