Homily: Doubt and Faith

Homily 2nd Sunday of Easter 2016 Cycle C As we continue the Easter Season we will hear a great deal from the Acts of the Apostles.  In order to help us understand the connection between the Gospel in the tradition of Luke and The Acts of the Apostles in the tradition of Luke, I would […]

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Easter 2022

As we grapple with the celebration of Easter this year juxtaposed against all the challenges we face individually, nationally, and globally, we hold firmly to our belief in newness of life. Individually, many of us have experienced illnesses in our families and loved ones.  Sadly, some of us have experienced unexpected deaths of some very […]

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Good Friday

It has been 54 years since Martin Luther King was assassinated.  And yet, his dream, his vision for America and all people lives on.  It has been over 2000 years since Jesus of Nazareth was put to death through legalized capital punishment. Martin Luther King had a dream,  these are but a few words from […]

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Holy Thursday Homily 2022

We are one, one universe, one cosmos, one earth community.  From One Bread and One Body in Christian theology to oneness in being in so many other traditions, philosophies and expressions. Notice this homily began with the word “WE”.  We are one.  As we heard in the psalm from Jan Novotka, “We partake.”  This speaks […]

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Fifth Sunday of Lent: Jesus Encounters one of those caught in adultery

Mary McGlone writing in 2019 Celebration Resources, “Hell hath no fury like a mob riled up by demagogues. Some well-placed, hateful words can stir up ferocious shouts and actions that few of the people involved would perform singly or in moments of rational thinking. When mob action confers anonymity on hurting individuals, they can end […]

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